In 2014 I visited Vietnam for the first time.  I love travel photography and I wanted to take camera along that would be compact and effortless.  I decided to leave my much loved Canon 5D Mark iii and 35mm f/1.4 lens at home and opt for the APS-C compact Ricoh GR which boasts a 18.3mm f/2.8 – 28mm equivalent.

The freedom of having such a compact camera in my pocket was liberating.  There was no need for a neck or shoulder strap and at times I could put the camera away (in my pocket) and just enjoy the moment, which I feel is an important part of travelling.

The GR series has a long history with strong ties to black and white film photography.  The great Daido Moriyama used film GR’s throughout his career to shoot high contrast moody scenes of Japanese street life.

I chose to shoot in RAW with the intention of keeping my photos in colour with the help of a Lightroom edit.  Vietnam streets have vibrant “pops” of colour which would be missed if shot in black and white.

I literally used this as a point and shoot camera – if i saw something that looked interesting I’d point and click.  There wasn’t any overthinking and that was part of the fun.

Below are some photos from my 2014 trip to Vietnam.  At the time of writing this Ricoh have released the third version of this camera the Ricoh GR III.

Vietnam Saigon Street Ho Chi Minh Vietnam war memorial Vietnam Saigon Ho Chi Ming street motorbikes with pink building Vietnam street Vietnam rainbow Vietnam cloud Vietnam road Vietnam road Hanoi Vietnam Street Hanoi Vietnam Chapel Hanoi Vietnam Street Hanoi Vietnam Street Hanoi Vietnam Street Hanoi Vietnam Street Hanoi Vietnam Street Hanoi Vietnam Street Sapa Vietnam Sapa Vietnam Hmong Sapa Vietnam HmongSapa FieldsSapa Vietnam buffalo Sapa Vietnam Hmong Sapa Vietnam buffalo Sapa Vietnam motorbike Sapa Vietnam waterfall Man walking in Sapa Vietnam Sapa Fields Hanoi street Man fishing in Hanoi Vietnam Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay, Vietnam lady in rice fields Vietnam

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